For Sale: 1972 Triumph TR6

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Asking $13,500

1972 Triumph TR6 – RUNNING STRONG!

This car was in storage for most of its life and in the process of being restored when I purchased it, which explains

why there is absolutely no rust anywhere. The condition is what I describe as good; the mechanics are in order and there are no electrical problems.

The paint is in great condition; no scratches, dents, etc.  The soft-top was new when I purchased the car and is in excellent condition; no tears/repairs and it does not leak.

The plastic windows are perfect and have no discoloration. There is an aftermarket radio but it does not operate.

The interior is all original, with the seats in great shape. However, I was planning to replace the door panels and carpet as they are showing their age.

Here is a list of the things that were done over the past 12 months:

–       The old clutch (date stamped 1980) was replaced with a  new LUK 3 piece clutch kit, new ABS transmission tunnel cover, new rear oil seal in transmission, and the flywheel re-machined.

–       Reinforced front differential mounts with the proper Moss Motors reinforcement kit (Common problem with the TR6)

–       Replaced all seals in differential and refilled

–       New rear diff mounts

–       New Rear spring pad mounts

–       New universal joints all around

–       New clutch master and slave cylinder + Flush

–       New tie rod ends and ball joints (these are not aligned yet but it handles pretty tight. It will need to be aligned before driving any great distances)

–       New engine and transmission mounts

–       New U joints all the way around

–       New upper A-Arm bushings

–       New Steering rack mounts

–       Adjusted Valves

–       New Goodyear Eagle GT 205/65/15 tires

–       New front rotors and pads + brake flush

–       New front shocks

–       Removed vacuum retard unit and replaced with advance unit

–       Bypassed emissions equipment that was not working anyway (performance boost)

–       New wires, plugs, rotor

–       Electronic ignition

–       New Robbins Tan top with zip out rear window

Because it was garaged most of its life, looking underneath, you’ll see no rust through anywhere


There is also a tonneau cover and convertible top boot. Over 18K invested between purchase price, mechanicals, + paint to get this car to where it is now. This is the perfect car for someone who wants a great driver

but still wants to do a little tinkering. The things the car can use:


Ø  The tires need an alignment since most of the front suspension was replaced

Ø  The steering wheel needs to be reset, but this will be addressed with the alignment by the new happy owner! 

Ø  Steering column tightened

Ø  New carpet set + interior door panels

Ø  Inner and outer window waist seals


I also note the fuel gauge reads a bit less (up to ¼ tank) than what is actually in the tank. 


Clean title. Car sold as-is with no warrantee.

Contact Bob –  908 889-9707



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